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January 9, 2009
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“Urrgh! Why is this taking so long?” Sokka said burying his head in his hands.  He had begun to hate this section of his house, the walls which he had been staring at for hours, the chairs that seem to mock his frustration at having to wait outside. ”I should be in there.” He knew that babies took their time in coming but this was just ridiculous. He sighed and slouched into his chair letting his arms dangle lifelessly from the sides.

“Don’t worry Sokka I’m sure everything is going to be f...”

“Don’t say fine Toph. Things were fine 3 hours ago, things are not fine now.” Sokka said glaring at Toph, she on the other hand shrugged nonchalantly. Sokka suddenly shot up, his face lit up with the prospect of a new idea. “What if she needs my help or wants me to get her something?” He said innocently.

“Not Again.” Zuko grumbled . Sokka stood up quickly.

“No really, I could go in and see if Suki needs, urmm a glass of water or something, yeah. I’ll be right back” He turned and prepared to make his way towards the door but felt a tugging force on his clothes.

“Stop right there mister. You’d be as much help in there as I would at judging a beauty contest now why don’t you just sit...” Toph said pulling Sokka back into his seat. “Down. Jeez! Don’t you remember hope?“  Sokka raised an eyebrow and turned to face Toph.

“You know, baby Hope.” she repeated

“Oh yeah.” Sokka said while smiling to himself.

“Who’s Hope? “ Zuko asked confused.

“Well on our way to Ba Sing Se we meet up with a couple who were heavily pregnant. Well, the wife was.” Toph chuckled.  “Anyway, she went into labour before we reached the city.  Katara and Suki had to deliver it but wise guy over here,” She nudged Sokka playfully but his eyes remained focused on the door. “Walked into the tent and fainted. It was so funny, I mean if he had only listened he would have...”


Sokka stood up instantly to the sound of Suki’s pained screams coming from the opposite room. A moment later he felt a hand on his left shoulder.

“It’s OK I’m sure it’s not as painful as it sounds...” Zuko said sheppishly. Sokka’s fists curled. He knew that Zuko was only try to help but he couldn’t  help but give him the dirtiest, meanest looked he could come up with and grind his teeth in silence.  If he opened his mouth now he would regret it and Katara wouldn’t be too pleased either.

“What kind of idiot are you Zuko? I think you should take your hand off him before he explodes.”

“Oh Sorry. What I meant was that it can’t be getting any worse and Katara’s in there with her so....”

“AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Again Suki’s sharp scream penetrated  the silence almost to the point where it caused the listeners pain.

“Zuko just stop. I know you mean well but you not helping so please.”  said Sokka sighing whilst pinching the bridge of his nose. Zuko went back to sitting in chair slightly deflated.

“You know, I think I preferred you when you were pacing Sokka.” Toph said sarcastically.

“Toph, I’m losing my mind out here! Did you know that that door.” He pointed towards the door with such hatred if her were a fire bender it would be nothing but ash. “That wooden door has 57 cirlcular marks on it. Each of which is smaller than a copper piece.” Toph rolled her eyes. Even she was wishing that the baby would hurry up, Sokka was beginning to get on her nerves.

“Do you know how I know that, because I’ve been looking at the door for the last 6 to 7 hours” He placed extra emphasis on the word ‘hours’ . “I can’t take it any more guys! I have help her otherwise I’l just burst!”

“Sokka you’re ‘help’ got her here in the first place..” Toph said slyly.

“Toph I’m in no mood for you jibes. You don’t understand I should be in there I should be....”


For a moment, silence seemed to consume Sokka, Zuko and Toph. The three of them stood up motionless and stared at the door which the sound of the baby’s cry was coming from.  Suddenly Sokka seemed to realise what had happened and began to get very excited.

“He’s here or She’s here can you hear? Can you hear? I’ve got to go inside. I got so see them?”

“Sokka wait.” Toph said quickly.

“What is it now Toph? “

“You can’t go in now.” She said sheepishly almost as if she were embarrassed for some reason.

“What now Toph? My baby is in there. Why can’t I go In and it had better be a good...”

“There urm cleaning up.”Toph said. “Remember Katara said she would come out and call you in when they were ready. I think you should just sit down and wait. At least the worst is over .” Said Toph patting him gently on the shoulder.

“Yeah I guess your right Toph, and thanks, for everything. “replied Sokka while hugging her. “I don’t think I could have managed without you.”

“Hey, what about me? I helped.” Said Zuko grinning.

“Sure you did ‘mister giving birth is a walk in the park’.” Toph replied sarcastically.

“Hey I didn’t mean it like that I just meant....”

Suddenly the door opened and Katara's head poked out. She had a huge grin on her face. “Are you guys ready to come in or do you want to wait out here a bit longer?”

“Not funny Katara, but are you sure we can come in now. Is Suki alright? Is it a boy or a girl? Quit stalling Katara.” Sokka said eagerly.

Sokka why don’t you come and find out for yourself. She walked over and held his hand pulling him gently towards the door.

“Now just breath. We don’t any fainting you understand.”  Joked Katara. Slowly she pushed the wooden door open and walked with Sokka towards Suki and the little bundle she was holding.

“Suki...” whispered Sokka almost breathlessly.

“Hey.” She replied weakly. “There's someone I would like you to meet.” Sokka walked over to the bed where Suki sat and sat on the chair next to it. He gently stroked Suki’s forehead then kissed her lightly on the lips.

“This is our new baby girl.”Suki said gently lifting the bundle and handing it to Sokka. Sokka looked at his baby girl and smiled.

“She looks like you.” he muttered softly, still captivated by his little girl.

“Wait.” Suki said smugly.  Soon afterwards, the baby girl began to wiggle and slowly opened her eyes.

“They blue.” Sokka exclaimed.

“Yep,she’s definitely Water Tribe. “Katara added. “Told you you’d have a girl.”

“She’s beautiful.” Sokka whispered softly, ignoring Katara's last comment, he was more interested in the beautiful baby girl that wiggled in his arms.

“We’ll leave you to alone.” Katara said dragging Toph and Zuko out with her. Sokka and Suki didn’t seem to notice them leave.

“Oh, so were back out here again.” Toph grumbled as Katara shut the door quietly.

“I don’t mind.” Zuko said wrapping his arms around Katara and kissing her scalp. “The company is a lot better this time.”

“Urgh!  You think I’d got use to the idea of you two being together but it still seems kinda weird. I mean you two use to not be able to go a day without arguing!!”

“Destiny is a funny thing Toph.” Katara said smiling.

“Spare me.” Toph said waving her hand dismissively “I’d better go and find someone to send Aang a message about the baby.”

“Aren’t you going to wait to see the baby?” Katara asked.

“Urmm I don’t think that’s going to happen Katara.” Joked Toph.

“Oh right, sorry. You’d think after so many years I’d stop doing that.”

“Yeah you would, and anyway, I heard that baby. It sure is Sokka’s. No other guys baby could scream like that!”

“Tell me about it.“  Zuko mumbled. Katara nudged him playfully.

“I’ll be back soon.” And with hat Toph left the couple standing there alone.

“So how was it?” Zuko said pulling Katara to sit on the chair next to him.”

“It was a difficult birth but that baby is strong. She never gave up and neither did Suki.”

“We heard.” Zuko said running his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah about that.” Katara said crossing her arms. “We heard quite a bit too.  So you think that giving birth is a walk in the park Zuko?” Katara asked smugly.

“Urrgh. No!” Zuko said. Clearly he knew that this comment was going to haunt him for a while. “I never meant it like that I just meant that...”

“It’s Ok Zuko, I know what you meant, and thank you.”

Zuko raised an eyebrow. “For what?”

“For coming with me. Kyoshi is a long way from the Fire Nation and I’m sure you had a lot more important things to do instead of...” But she was unable to finish her sentence. Zuko had already done so with a short but very sweet kiss.

“Katara this is important to you. How could I do otherwise?” He said smiling at her. Katara smiled back. She wondered to herself why it had taken her so long to see this side of Zuko. How blind she must have been.

Suddenly the door opened and out popped Sokka holding his little girl. “Come on in guys.” Katara held Zuko’s hand and followed Sokka back into the room where Suki lay.

“So have you decided a name for her yet?” Zuko asked.

“Yes we have.” Sokka said smiling at Suki. “Suki told me about the birth Katara and how difficult it was. But my little girl is strong just like her mom. So we decided to name her Yukki. It means strong.” Sokka said looking at his daughter with pure admiration.

“Hey that rhymes with Suki.” Zuko said smiling; everyone else on the other hand looked at him with bewilderment.

“Seriously Zuko what kind of idiot are you?” Sokka said laughing.

“Hey!” Katara said to her brother. “He’s my kind.” And hugged Zuko. “Who came up with the name?” Sokka eyes brightened.” Never mind.” Katara said "I think I already know.” She grinned.

“Would you like to hold her Katara?” Suki asked, still slightly weak from the birth. “If you don’t I don’t think Sokka will ever let her go.”

“I would be upset, but the sad thing is, is that it’s true. Thank you so much Katara, for everything.” He said walking over to Katara. Slowly he placed baby Yukki in Katara's arms and then went to stand next to Zuko. Katara looked at the baby girl with such love and admiration it seemed to fill the room.

“She really does look like you Suki” Katara said walking over and sitting next to Suki.

“Thanks.” Suki replied.

“But I am curious, how did you get her to sleep?  She was crying so much.” Katara said still looking at Yukki and playing with her tiny hands.

“Katara, she’s Sokka daughter, the real problem will be getting her to stay awake.” Suki joked.

“Yeah that’s very true.” Agreed Katara and they continued to talk mindlessly about baby Yukki. As they did Zuko couldn’t help but stare at Katara. She had always been beautiful but with a baby in her arms he began to feel this unknown emotion begin to swell up inside him and almost consume him. The way she gently stroked the baby’s cheeks or how she rocked it from side to side.  This scene was perfect, and he wanted it.  Sokka had noticed him staring and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” He asked, unlike Zuko his mind was still on baby Yukki

“Yes.” Zuko replied deep in thought. His eyes caught Katara’s and they smiled at each other warmly. “She is.”
And so ends my tale....

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! I loved writing it! Baby Yukki is so sweet! (and Yukki does actually mean strong in Japanese) And wasn't Zuko sweet at the end! :hug:

Anyway! Its good to be back writing! I've missed it. Look out for some oneshots soon!


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Epilogue >> You just read it! :D


Avatar and all related © Mike & Bryan, Nickelodeon and Viacom
Story © Me
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xxZutaraFanxx Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!!! ^_^
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xxZutaraFanxx Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
Thanks for reading, faving and the watch!! I really appreciate it and am glad that you enjoyed it! I agree that Zutara should have been the end couple but alas, twas not meant to be!
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No problem. You write great stories. :w00t!:
Zutara4everbookatang Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011
Srry bout that last comment I pressed add b4 I wuz finished but anyway I think Zuko & Katara were remembering how much iroh wanted a grandniece or grandnephew so....... Well ya.....

Thx for writin it I enjoyed it much!!!!
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That's OK! I;m glad you liked it enough to comment and fav so many times! I really appreciate it!
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